The Declaration of Friendship

The Declaration of Friendship is an idea I have heard from other friends of mine and that I am building on. You could call this a sociology lesson maybe?

We will start out with a base line ofStranger Danger most people in the universe would fall under this category because we do not know most people in the world we fear them. We fear the unknown

now we have what I would call the acquaintance level we will start off with negative and then go positive.

Acquaintance Negative is someone who knows you and you don’t really like each other or get along very well but you will tolerate it.

Until it goes to Dislike Status where you cant stand each other and very few people fall under this level for most people.

Acquaintance Positive is someone you know who you enjoy being around when its easy for you to see them and some times cool stuff happens sometimes it doesn’t. I would say a majority of people would fall under this level. Its not a bad place to be but its not the top level of a social relationship either.

Friendship this is the level that all other levels build on how do we define it? Who is a “True Friend”? How do we reach this level?


Maker’s Mark Ambassador Program

So I was talking to a cousin of mine at a family get together about my new found like of whiskey. I have had 5 star, high 10, and many others then I was informed about the Makers Mark Ambassador Program and so I joined it shortly their after.  I am posting some of my pics of the stuff I got along with links to others websites that have more information!!!


Maker’s Mark Ambassador Program Membership Card

Why I don’t own any video game console

I owned a PS2 but I gave it away to the local group I was active in. I feel that they get more and better use out of it than I was. I started playing video games in 2001 & I stopped playing my PS2 around fall of 2008…WOW its been almost 5 years since then!  

I enjoy playing video games with my friends, in person and in the same room. I feel that it makes it a fun social experience vs buying an overpriced game console and dropping $20-50+ plus per game on top of that. I was reading about how today the video game industry is hurting the most sicne the 1980’s crash because since the PS3’s & the new systems have come out with HD and Proprietary online networks what more could they add to a new system? So I will not support them financially. I do have a few Apps on my iOS Apps and the 2 that I like are KATAMARI Amore & GTA III outside of that most game Apps I do not care for. But I do not need a gaming system to play these 2 Apps.


Proprietary software = Feudalism ???

when you reject freedom in the tech field you will also accept a lack of freedom in other areas of your life.  



Kickstarter looks like a cool way to create things… I see that Ouya got a lot of its funding that way! I think that crowd sourcing for fundraising reasons is a wave of the future!–233990.phtml


“99¢ iPhone and iPad games are also taking a toll on the perceived value of dedicated gaming systems.”


App Games

originally posted- Dec 20, 2012 1:54 PM